Bespoke Windows

DLD Joinery LTD, offer an extensive range of windows with a wide range of timber and finishing options. Your windows are created from scratch, so we can create just about anything that you can imagine. Window styles include but are not limited to; sliding sash, flush casement, wooden and feature such as bulls eye windows.

Our bespoke windows can be supplied with or without glass. If glazed windows are required. We can offer a wide range of options, such as single, double and triple glazed. We also offer a wide range of glass options. These include but are not limited to: tinted glass and slimline glazing according to your housing needs and preferences.

We offer practical advice about the best materials to use for your circumstances. We will also tell you how to maintain your chosen timber and finish. Why not give us a call on 0208 302 9555. Our friendly, professional staff will be happy to help.

Bespoke Doors
Bespoke Doors

Bespoke Doors

To meet both your interior and exterior door needs, DLD Joinery has the design and execution capability to bring your ideas to life.

We can manufacture a variety of door styles including French doors; perfect for an airy conservatory, bi-fold and sliding doors; to really open up the associated room, as well as more standard front and back doors. DLD Joinery can also manufacture a variety of exterior accesses such as garages and garden gates.

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